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Mission Statement:

"Art Unleashed seeks to enrich the lives of students of all ages and abilities by using the visual arts as a vehicle to cultivate creative self-expression, improve artistic abilities, and enhance self-esteem in a safe and welcoming environment."

Art Unleashed is a non-profit art organization dedicated to enriching the lives of students by providing art classes, camps and workshops for all ages and abilities that allow students to discover and enhance their creative side.

We offer an array of classes throughout the year, including pottery wheel, watercolor, acrylic painting, drawing,  and “theme” classes which  focus on specific subjects like landscapes or music or animals.

For younger students, classes are designed to allow them to focus on a particular subject matter, while exploring a variety of mediums and learn basic techniques for applying these materials.

For teenagers, classes are designed to cultivate creativity, encourage artistic growth and improve the ability to express themselves in the visual arts, while continuing to build on skills previously acquired.

Our Kaleidoscope program is specifically designed for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are looking for more one-on-one instruction. Instructors design lessons to reach each student at their own skill level, while introducing them to a variety of mediums.

In addition to regular classes, we offer workshops for adults, scout workshops and birthday parties.

Our instructors have over 100 years of combined teaching experience. Their qualifications include MIssouri K-12 Art Education certification, Master degrees in Art Therapy, Special Education, Art Education and higher education instruction.

Art Unleashed is proud to work with other community organizations to make art accesible to everyone. We have partnered with OASIS and St. Louis Arc to provide art classes for their members in the West County area, and we also offer offsite programming at local retirement communities.

Visit us at our convenient location at 13379 Olive Blvd in Chesterfield MO. Let's get creative!

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